Septic Tank Cleaning

Kiwi Waste Disposal provide Septic Tank Cleaning services in Whakatane and surrounding Eastern Bay of Plenty areas.

Whether you need regular septic tank cleaning, clearing septic blockages, desludging, general maintenance or you are unsure, give us a call, with over 30 years’ experience you can count on us to get job done.

Septic tanks are storage chambers that over time will become full and need to be cleaned out. Regular cleaning and desludging of your septic tank will help to keep it running without any unexpected blockages and spills.

If you have a septic tank don’t wait for an emergency to contact us. Kiwi Waste Disposal can provide you with regular septic tank servicing, recommended approximately every 3 years, to keep your system in great working order. This will save you money in the long run, maintenance will help you avoid repair or even replacement costs if your septic tank has been left un-checked for a long time.

Why get your Septic Tank cleaned?

There are many reasons why you should get your septic tank cleaned regularly, apart from the obvious avoiding blockages and overflows….

Some common questions regarding septic tank cleaning we encounter include…

•    How often should I clean my septic tank?
Kiwi Waste Disposal recommend regular septic tank cleaning every 3 years. We can include you on our septic tank maintenance list and will remind you when your septic tank is due for a clean.

•    How do I know my septic tank requires needs attention?
If you can smell unpleasant odours in areas around toilets, sinks and drains this can be a sure sign that your septic tank needs attention. If you notice that drains are starting to drain slower or the toilet takes longer than normal to drain, you may also have a septic tank blockage that needs attention.

•    Are you able to identify what the problem is with my septic tank?
Kiwi Waste Disposal have years of experience working with septic tank systems. We can diagnose the problem, advise you of the repairs needed and and recommend a professional to carry out these repairs.


Not sure how long it has been since the last septic tank inspection at your property? Kiwi Waste Disposal recommend that if you are unsure of the last septic tank empty, it be done, especially if it’s been longer than 3 years.

Call Kiwi Waste Disposal today to discuss your septic tank needs!