Sand / Silt Traps

Silt traps help to reduce the amount of sediment entering our waterways. Large or small silt traps, working properly, are effective solutions to keep the sediment out of the waterways. Regular observation, maintenance and removal of sediment in silt traps will ensure they continue to trap the silt and do their job. Left unattended the sediment will build up and ultimately the silt trap will fail to do its job.

The frequency of silt / sand removal from the silt trap depends on many factors including the size of the trap and usage.

Whether you are in an urban area, forestry or rural, keeping dirt, sand and silt out of the water ways and wastewater systems protects the environment as well as reduces any wastewater blockages due to a build up of silt.

Ensure your silt trap is functioning properly at all times with regular maintenance.

Give Kiwi Waste Disposal a call to discuss your needs, we can take care of your all your silt trap needs.